Being a parent requires a lot of energy, creativity and entertainment skills. As Annabelle grows her hunger for learning increases. It started with counting, moved to colours, letters, writing and now spelling. With two children it can also be difficult to constantly provide stimulation and new learning activities so we find it useful to have versatile toys.

Annabelle is 3.5 years old. She is finding out what she enjoys and that sometimes things take practice.  Since starting preschool we have found ways to be more structured when encouraging her to learn. Her teachers have given her direction, she is set homework and we use any opportunity we can to learn. We are always counting. We are always finding letters and listing words that start with that letter. We practice sounds and phonics and we try to keep it fun.

When we were offered GEOMAG Magicube to review we were pleased to see what Annabelle would make of it. Plus the fact that it didn’t have smaller pieces means we could get it out when Matilda is around. The Magicubes are multipurpose. You can build with them, create shapes, match colours, spell words, match letters and create your own games.

Magicube Word Building - The Good Play Guide

As parents of a young child lockdown is interesting. It can be a challenge. It can be super fun. Overall it requires a lot of energy, creativity and entertainment skills. It can also be difficult to constantly provide stimulation and learning activities.

Annabelle is 2.5 years old. She is clever, bright and yet has a short attention span. It can be a challenging combination because it means she gets bored easily but if we don’t entertain her, or provide entertainment options she gets naughty. So everyday we have to have a variety if activities.

From painting and drawing to building, climbing and going to the park we try to mix physical activities with quiet more focused ones. We have to adapt based on her moods, her level of tiredness or the weather. We have also tried to be careful with not buying an excessive amount of new toys. Instead we try to rotate what toys we bring out. Sometimes it works really well. Other times it doesn’t and our lounge ends up with every toy strewn across it.

When we do add toys they have to be multiple purpose and when we were offered GEOMAG Confetti to review it fit the bill. A similar toy had been recommended to us as it is great for making shapes and constructing things. It takes building towers to the next level and can be incorporated into different games.