What do you think of Pinterest? Laura loves it. In fact, our family baby announcement ideas all started from Pinterest posts….but our results weren’t quite like Pinterest had suggested they would be.

Even though we were passing the 3 month pregnant stage just before Christmas we had wanted to use the festive occasion to share our news with our families. Laura’s parents were back from their travels and staying with us and we were seeing my parents for Christmas lunch.

Blogging can be a strange one at some points. While the ‘New Post’ blank page is so full of opportunity, it can also be intimidating. Not just from a ‘what am I going to write?’ perspective, but also because once I hit publish, it’s out in the world forever more.

Sometimes sharing experiences make for an easy blog post – we did this, this was how we found it, go do it or don’t. It’s a record of an experience and it’s nice to look back on as well as highlighting great (or not so great) places to others.

Then there is the sharing of personal experiences like coming out, being in a lesbian relationship, the relationships with loved ones, our wedding, etc that are a little harder to write. They share things that we wouldn’t necessarily tell friends unless we were having a deep and meaningful. They are things that capture thoughts and feelings at a particular moment that may not remain true over time.

And then there is this. Pregnancy.