Do you remember almost 3 years ago when I started netball? I wrote this post about confronting my fear of social situations: Did I Do The Right Thing?! 

Those who have followed us from that time will know that netball turned out really well. In fact, if I wasn’t pregnant I would still be playing. The team has remained pretty unchanged, are a great group of girls, and I am so glad I confronted my fear. I actually really miss it. I am looking forward to getting back to it post-baby. In the meantime, I have had to confront my fear again.

This time, the fear of social situations is compounded by the addition of pregnancy/ mummy activities.

Let me explain.

This period has all been about getting to the 3rd trimester, can you believe it?! As my sister’s boyfriend pointed out – the third and final trimester.

It’s a feeling of mixed emotions over here at any given point. The overriding one of of relief that we have made it this far, followed by mild panics about how unprepared we are, accompanied with a feeling of sadness that it’s nearly all over, backed up with occasional tears when I contemplate Laura going back to work after her paternity leave. So not at all dramatic. Or emotional.

Welcome to the first baby blog of April!

In this post we thought we would share our vlog answering questions about our IVF journey. It’s been a while since we last vlogged, in fact it may be almost 2 years when did the Lesbian Wife Life Tag.  That seems crazy especially as it’s been a busy two years but we eventually got around to it thanks to having some time in Mallorca on our BabyMoon.

If you want to check out our channel you’ll find us at TheSmithStory on YouTube.

The five questions we answered on the Baby Vlog were:

  • How did we decide who would carry?
  • Why IVF over IUI?
  • Best thing about the pregnancy journey?
  • Hardest thing about the pregnancy journey?
  • What advice do we have for other couples trying to conceive?

So here’s the video: https://youtu.be/XlouArGluBU

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Or add a comment below. All we ask is that you don’t just say ‘hi’. I know that may seem a strange request but recently we have has a lot of messages just saying ‘hi’ and we have no idea if they are spammers, so just launch into the questions and we’ll message you back at our first opportunity.

Right now I am bumping my way back from London on a train, our little lady is the size of a bunch of banana’s, which I find really unspecific – is there a standard number of banana’s in a bunch?! and kicking up a storm. I think my voice in the team meeting I hosted sent her to sleep so she is using the 2 and a half hour train ride to stretch her legs. Good for her…..less good for me 🙂

I’ll be back soon with our next Baby blogging update!

For any of you following the blog you may notice this post is firstly out of order (as we shared news of our 20 week scan here) and also a bit behind (as I am at 23 weeks currently) but nevertheless I drafted this post at the time and thought it was worth sharing.

Starting the new year pregnant involved sleeping intermittently between 10 – 12pm, waking up for the London fireworks on TV, toasting the new year with Appletiser and then heading to bed. I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t my ideal way to celebrate.

Okay, okay, so if you follow us on any other social media you will have seen already, we are having a GIRL!!!!

And, much more importantly, she is looking healthy, with all measurements coming in where they should be. The scan lasted about 40 minutes as she was a fidget, or ‘Bridget the fidget’ (a name possibility maybe??), as the midwife dubbed her. Every time she was in the right position to be measured, she’d move. It was entertaining at first but after 20 or so minutes of having my belly pushed around, I really needed the loo and felt like I had been in a fight. We all decided that it was best to take a break, for me to walk around and get chocolate – that’s right, I was instructed to get chocolate- as a way of getting her to move.

Well, somehow we are now over 16 weeks – solidly into the second trimester! It’s absolutely flown!

Now that they have calmed down a little, I thought I’d look back on the three most surprising side effects of Sarah’s first trimester. I am so glad Sarah hasn’t been very ill, but at the same time have loved her having pregnancy symptoms – they are reassuring in those early weeks before the 12 week scan, where we wanted to make sure that Tater Tot was still in there and growing! Also, we have been together for nine years this March, and for so much of that time I have been excited for Sarah to be pregnant, so it really feels like a dream come true! She is every bit as adorable as a pregnant woman as I thought she’d be. A bit gassier than I imagined (haha), but still cute.

So, without further ado, the weirdest first trimester symptoms Sarah had – listed from least to most adorable.