nights out


Rarely do we walk in a restaurant and instantly know that you want to come back, that was the case with Brewers Social though. We were invited to check out the newly refurbished location after it’s successful run as a pop-up in the same location.

The decor was art deco and eclectic with a strong Birmingham shout out. The seats were a mixture of leather couches, big comfy seats and standard chairs – plenty of choice and depending on when you visit plenty of options whether you are visiting for a catch up or meeting for dinner.

We were really glad to find out it is dog and children friendly too, it really ticked all our boxes!

And then there was the food…..

When we were invited to a Fake Festivals as part of a birthday event for a friend we thought she was kidding. It is fair to say that we were completely unaware that Fake Festivals were a BIG thing across the UK.
Just to clarify Fake Festivals are not fake events they are festivals with acts that are tribute/fake versions of bands/artists. Check out the details here.

We were lucky enough to be invited* to watch the musical Hair last night, which is touring the UK for its 50th Anniversary after winning the 2018 WhatsOnStage Award. We saw the show at our favourite theatre in Birmingham, The Alexandra, where the show is playing until Saturday the 4th May 2019 (so get your tickets quickly if you are in the area!).

As a huge fan of the movie version of Hair (since I was around 16!) I was so excited to finally see the stage production. The musical follows a group of politically (and sexually) active hippies in New York City, leading a Bohemian lifestyle, when one of them, Claude, gets drafted to serve in the Vietnam war. He then has to decide if he is going to dodge the draft as it isn’t what he believes in, or serve his country in a war he doesn’t agree with.