Rarely do we walk in a restaurant and instantly know that you want to come back, that was the case with Brewers Social though. We were invited to check out the newly refurbished location after it’s successful run as a pop-up in the same location.

The decor was art deco and eclectic with a strong Birmingham shout out. The seats were a mixture of leather couches, big comfy seats and standard chairs – plenty of choice and depending on when you visit plenty of options whether you are visiting for a catch up or meeting for dinner.

We were really glad to find out it is dog and children friendly too, it really ticked all our boxes!

And then there was the food…..

Happy Fall, Y’all!

It’s my favourite time of year, I can hardly be-leaf that Autumn is already here!

And look, I’m ready!

I turn completely ‘basic’ (I personally feel I probably am ‘basic’ all year, but so what, I like popular seasonal things!) and want to pumpkin and leaf everything. So in honour of the most wonderful time of the year (the last three months obvs!) here’s my Autumn 2019 bucket list, as an American living in the UK.

Happy Tuesday!

I am trying to find my positivity today. Work is busy, life is busy, our house is busy and Annabelle is keeping us super busy – how are you?

Isn’t funny how people ask that and rarely listen for the response?! I have started actually replying with a diatribe of what’s happening in my life and it really confuses people. It’s as if they forget that they even asked how I am. To be honest I use it as a bit of therapy. Life is so busy and there is so much going around my head I fear if I don’t let it out occasionally i’ll explode.

Welcome to The Smith Story – our little part of the internet where we will be sharing our lives, love and adventures! Some of you may have joined us at SarahplusLaura.blogspot.uk or our original blog, Spezzatura (our way), back in 2011! Or maybe you are new to us, in which case, hi there!

So why the name change and new blog?! Well, we wanted a blog name to fit in with our change in focus – our family. SarahplusLaura worked well for us as a couple, but a lot has changed since we settled on that (really creative) blog and social media name. We wanted to go self-hosted to make the space ours. We loved blogspot, we never had any issues with it, but after blogging for 8 years having our own blog domain made sense.

13 months and 5 days ago our wonderful Annabelle joined our family and from the moment she arrived she has been breastfeeding. For the entire time I have been her Mum I have been breastfeeding her.

That was until now.

I haven’t completely stopped breastfeeding but it is slowing down. And both Annabelle and I okay with it. I think. It’s time.

Independent lady

A few weeks ago I shared a post entitled ‘Sometimes The Struggle Is Real’. Life had become somewhat overwhelming for a number of reasons and I wrote the post as a way of clearing my head and sharing what was going on with us.

That was a few weeks ago and opening this page to start this post I am in a much better place. Thankfully. Things haven’t slowed down but things have become more manageable.

In fact we have spent the weekend singing, dancing and celebrating at Brighton Pride with my Mum, two Aunts and sister. It was an amazing weekend and wandering down Brighton pier I was able to breathe a sigh of relief. I am surrounded by love and support and when things are tough I know my tribe are there for me.