Our life is far from quiet and sedate. We are known to squeeze an unfathomable amount of things into a weekend and often work is a chance to catch our breath. However one thing we are aware of is that we often stick to doing things we are comfortable with. Or heading to the same places as it’s easy.

Buckt has been an opportunity to challenge our thinking, benefit from experiences we would have never considered and learn something new about ourselves along the way. It’s also given us the chance to recommend new things to do to friends and family visiting or living in Birmingham.

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As you all know, we are a British and American couple.  Before Laura and I got together, I had never been Stateside – so not only was our relationship all new (and the first time either of us had been with a girl) but there were all sorts of cultural differences – some funny, some that got lost in translation, and some just causing CONFUSION!

This was a post that we first shared in 2012 but wanted to share on the new blog.

Laura is the American half of this relationship, but she has the advantage of understanding the ‘English way’ because her Dad was born and raised in Brentford, just outside central London.

This morning we heard a radio segment for Thanksgiving about cultural and ‘word’ differences between the USA and UK. We forget how some of the simplest topics of conversation can end up being the most confusing if you aren’t aware of how each population use the word!  For example – how can the USA spend a season in ‘Fall’?  That sounds dangerous – surely Autumn makes far more sense!  Also, why would you ever try ‘pants’ on in a store?  Surely pants should remain on (in public) at all times….or is that called underwear?  Aaaahhhh it’s all so confusing!

Howdy, hello and g’day! How are we? Can you believe November is almost over, how did that happen?!

Anyways I stole the title of this post from an article I read in the Metro a while back but I thought I would write my own version as theirs was disappointing to say the least.

It is an almost undisputed fact (not alternative fact or fake news) that Lesbian Loving is the best, if you haven’t tried it I can’t recommend it highly enough but then I did get lucky!

Rarely do we walk in a restaurant and instantly know that you want to come back, that was the case with Brewers Social though. We were invited to check out the newly refurbished location after it’s successful run as a pop-up in the same location.

The decor was art deco and eclectic with a strong Birmingham shout out. The seats were a mixture of leather couches, big comfy seats and standard chairs – plenty of choice and depending on when you visit plenty of options whether you are visiting for a catch up or meeting for dinner.

We were really glad to find out it is dog and children friendly too, it really ticked all our boxes!

And then there was the food…..

Happy Fall, Y’all!

It’s my favourite time of year, I can hardly be-leaf that Autumn is already here!

And look, I’m ready!

I turn completely ‘basic’ (I personally feel I probably am ‘basic’ all year, but so what, I like popular seasonal things!) and want to pumpkin and leaf everything. So in honour of the most wonderful time of the year (the last three months obvs!) here’s my Autumn 2019 bucket list, as an American living in the UK.

Happy Tuesday!

I am trying to find my positivity today. Work is busy, life is busy, our house is busy and Annabelle is keeping us super busy – how are you?

Isn’t funny how people ask that and rarely listen for the response?! I have started actually replying with a diatribe of what’s happening in my life and it really confuses people. It’s as if they forget that they even asked how I am. To be honest I use it as a bit of therapy. Life is so busy and there is so much going around my head I fear if I don’t let it out occasionally i’ll explode.