The devastating news of Naya Rivera’s death has hit us hard. For anyone, like us, who loved Glee Santana was a such a huge part of the show. Together with Heather Morris, Naya was a visible lesbian character in a huge TV show that we could relate to. From the outpouring of posts I know the sadness we feel at the awful news is something felt by so many.

Seeing one particularly heartfelt post by a fellow lesbian reminded me that way back when we had written a post on Britanna (the characters in Glee). Re-reading the post was like re-reading a diary entry. A diary that was full of the future we hoped for, the future we are in now. You can see how accurate our predictions were in the post below. The original post was written in November 2011.

Howdy, hello and g’day! How are we? Can you believe November is almost over, how did that happen?!

Anyways I stole the title of this post from an article I read in the Metro a while back but I thought I would write my own version as theirs was disappointing to say the least.

It is an almost undisputed fact (not alternative fact or fake news) that Lesbian Loving is the best, if you haven’t tried it I can’t recommend it highly enough but then I did get lucky!

Today Sarah and I have been together for seven years!!

Seven isn’t necessarily a significant number, and with all that has been going on here lately it is passing without the biggest of celebrations, but I wanted to take a moment to recognise it.

Seven seems like a really long time. It’s well over half a decade of love, laughs and adventures (and of course the occasional argument). Soon it will be in double digits, and I can’t believe how quickly it is going. But I guess they say time flies when you are having fun!

So, in honour of the day, I thought I’d list my 7 favourite things about Sarah at this moment in time:

Almost one year ago to the day I came home and told my parents I was engaged! Can you believe that- ONE YEAR AGO! I say that, not in a surprised way for effect, but for many reasons:

  1. Laura and I are now LIVING with my parents during the week – TOGETHER!
  2. It’s less than 6 months till we get married
  3. So much have changed in a year like the small fact that WE OWN A HOUSE! I have a new job!

OK, I’ll quit with the shouting, but seriously, how much has changed – has anything not changed?! Well, maybe Laura’s job, but that’s about it.

I’m not a big one for reflective posts, on-wards and upwards is much more my thing, but if this blog has taught me anything, it’s that we really do have so much to be thankful for and sometimes that gets lost in the hectic day to day-ness of the life we are currently leading. Stuck in traffic at 6am or getting soaked walking back from a 10 hour day rarely leads to conversations about how grateful we are, but deep down we both know that this time last year everything was so different.

Happy Monday everyone!

We say happy, because here in the UK the SUN is shining! And has been all weekend! Hell, it was even warm enough today for Sarah and me to meet halfway between our works for a sunny lunchtime tanning and cuddles session! (sounds great, right?) – we hope you’re enjoying June wherever you are!

Before we get onto today’s topic, we need to also give a little shout out to the marriage equality debate in the House of Lords at the moment. Think positive thoughts everyone, okay? It’s amazing how close we are to being able to be legally married in the UK!