lesbian wedding


After sharing our engagement photos here we thought it’d be the perfect time to share something very special with you.

We were lucky enough to have our engagements filmed. Sarah’s proposal was filmed by our good friend Alison, and  Laura’s by her wonderful Mum & Dad!

For years we have been watching it and re-watching it, and sharing it, and loving it, crying with happiness- even now. It captured such amazing moments.

Originally we started this blog to share and record our lives, so it makes perfect sense to have the video here.

Earlier this week we were reminded that we had never shared our Engagement photos. Or should that be enGAYment photos. We have shared a few on Instagram over the years but thought it was about time to share them in all there glory here.

In December 2012 we each planned our own marriage proposals. We were spending Christmas in Boise, Idaho – Laura’s home town,. Thankfully we both said yes. You can read all the details of our wedding planning by selecting ‘wedding’ above.   It meant when it came to engagement photos we wanted to take them in Boise. We were fortunate enough to head back to Boise in September 2013 to meet our wedding photographers. We took the opportunity to take our engagement photos.

Since announcing our engagement last Christmas a few questions have been asked by pretty much everyone. The first is ‘where are you getting married?’ – that’s easy to answer – Idaho! The second is ‘oh why Idaho?’ That’s pretty easy to answer too – it’s beautiful, picturesque, more likely to guarantee sunshine (fingers crossed) and most importantly, Laura’s family and quite a few good friends are still there. The third question is then ‘who is wearing the wedding dress?’ That question is also easy to answer! Well, it is for us, but we thought we would expand on it here.

Sometimes in life we look at each other and can’t believe we got so lucky. Our lives since getting together have not always been been easy, in fact anyone who has followed our story will know that start was a little rocky but that said over the past few years we have taken some pretty big steps together and seen our lives improve dramatically.

Getting married was one of those significant steps and with it the official bringing together and uniting of our lives. We have always shared friends we met together but the wedding brought our old friends closer and into ‘our world’.

One of those friends is a wonderful lady called Kate. Her and Laura have actually been friends from childhood and we were lucky enough to live with her briefly when we moved to Oz in 2010. Getting to know Kate back then was great but it was after we left that our joint friendship flourished. She became a natural choice for both of us as head bridesmaid and it led to a part of our Idaho wedding speech that leaves me with a tear even now. ‘Laura was always my sister and while she was meant to marry my brother to make it official I am not sad that didn’t happen, in fact this way I get an extra sister’ (I may be paraphrasing).

2014 has been amazing. Incredible. Once-in-a-lifetime.We pronounced it ‘Our year’ in January, to remind us that it was time to focus on US and put us first in this very exciting time in our lives. And we did that – we have made so many memories together, through two weddings, exploring our new home city, time with loved ones, and endless commutes. We have indulged, and spent energy just being happy, and being us – our relationship is better because of it, and we are individually happier.

So now it’s time to look ahead.

Remember that one time just over a year ago when we got married? It was in the wilderness of Idaho and we were surrounded by family and friends. To make that wilderness wedding ready there was plenty of preparation and while Soiree Weddings did a lot of the planning, we also received massive support from Laura’s school friend Julia.

Julia is a childhood friend of Laura; she is an artist and an all-round awesome person, one we have thankfully been able to catch up with on every return trip to Laura’s home city. We even got her to Vegas for our bachelorette party! Julia designed our wedding invitations, save the dates, and seating plan globes, she also recommended our photographers – who were amazing – and our band Hillfolk Noir! Julia knows everyone who is talented in Boise – or so it seems.

It is actually the band that I wanted to write this post on -with all the events of the day we barely got to see the band perform so we couldn’t really share our memories, we just heard our guests’ reactions. They played as we walked down the aisle and as we left but it was only on the way to the cocktail hour that we finally heard a bit before being whisked off for our introduction.