2020 has been a difficult year for pretty much everyone. For me, I lost my Mum, my Pop (Mum’s Dad), which particularly stung as if we’d been able to go to Australia for Mum’s celebration I would have seen him and introduced Annabelle to him. We then set out on our journey to give Annabelle a sibling, and I found out that I don’t have enough eggs to do IVF to carry a baby that is genetically mine. Not a great start.

On top of this, I had a lot of weight to lose, to get myself healthy to get pregnant and to carry a baby. As an emotional eater, this was a nightmare! But yet, I have the ultimate motivation – to get pregnant. It was a now or never situation for me, as it would have been easy to just ask Sarah to carry it, as she did it so well last time. But I REALLY want to experience pregnancy. I am not sure I’ve ever been this motivated for anything, and I’m not sure I will again – but as of yesterday, I officially lost 70 lbs, 5 stone, or 35 KGs!

I thought I’d write a post on it to say how I did it, as it may help others, and honestly I want to remember so I can do it again if needed!

While pregnant with Annabelle I read quite a bit about ‘what to expect on maternity leave’ – and I don’t mean the pay. I wanted to know how other Mum’s had found it, what they had wished they had known and what I could start mentally preparing for.

Let me start by saying that here in the UK I am appreciative of the fact that we get good maternity leave benefits; that I got 6 weeks full pay and get statutory maternity pay until 9 months. I know I am super fortunate and I honestly can’t get over the fact that the situation in the USA is so bad when it comes to maternity leave.

The night before we met Annabelle we took time out to do the pregnancy tag for our YouTube channel. It’ so strange watching it back to think how much life has changed in 4 short weeks and yet how we still end every night as a family on our couch.

It’s fair to say that is exactly how we feel having Annabelle, she has changed things but fundamentally she has made our regular life better.

The last Baby Blog I did was just over a month ago, we had 7 weeks left to go and we had excitingly had a scan to see our little girl in 4D.

That time seems like a while ago now. Time is flying.

These last 4 week have been a whirlwind. You may have seen this post: Pregnancy in funny pics where I found a number of pics and memes that I felt really summed up getting to the end of pregnancy.

Or maybe you saw our Instagram getting filled with pictures of our maternity photo shoot?! If you didn’t you can check out the highlights here.

And there was the week that contained two Baby Showers – one organised for our family and friends and the other by my colleagues. Full details are here.

What none of those posts talk about are the rest of the baby drama that has been going on. It didn’t really ‘fit’ into any of the posts and to be honest it has been something we have been exclusively talking to our family and close friends about.

With 5 weeks to official due date I am well and truly in the third trimester, in fact I’m almost through the third trimester. That seems crazy!

I am feeling really pregnant now, a combination of my walk turning into a waddle, my belly becoming large enough to block every doorway and my ability to get up from the couch completely disappearing. That being said I am still feeling good and able to do my London office days – with a little help from Virgin Trains taking my usual 6 hours of travelling down to just under 3.5 (treble the price) but as work are paying I am embracing it for the short term.

It was actually just as I started the third trimester that I had the idea for this post. For some unknown reason I Googled ‘Third Trimester’ images, I think what I was expecting was to see image of how big our baby girl would be at the start of the third trimester, what I got was a little different….. (try the Google search if you get the chance)

In writing this I can’t believe we only have 7 weeks until due date…..7 weeks. Ever since the countdown hit single digits the reality of us having a baby has seemed crazily close.

As mentioned in our last Baby Blogging post week week 29 started with an Antenatel class, we had selected an all day option at Birmingham Women’s Hospital. Turning up at 9.30am on a Saturday was not ideal (although we appreciate early mornings are a thing of our future) but we quickly found the education room and met the tutor who instantly put us at ease.

Do you remember almost 3 years ago when I started netball? I wrote this post about confronting my fear of social situations: Did I Do The Right Thing?! 

Those who have followed us from that time will know that netball turned out really well. In fact, if I wasn’t pregnant I would still be playing. The team has remained pretty unchanged, are a great group of girls, and I am so glad I confronted my fear. I actually really miss it. I am looking forward to getting back to it post-baby. In the meantime, I have had to confront my fear again.

This time, the fear of social situations is compounded by the addition of pregnancy/ mummy activities.

Let me explain.