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It’s been 3 days of being back to work after maternity leave. My wonderful wife helped me time my return so that I had a bank holiday at the end of my first week and start of my second. So even though Annabelle and I have had 3 days apart we will have 4 days together to make up for it.

How have I felt? Well where do I start. Emotional. Pleased. Sad. Positive.

I had grand plans to be in London twice in the week to see my team but last minute the company who acquired us announced we had a company day in Bournemouth on the Wednesday. On reading the email my heart sank. I had prepared myself to head to London for the day and race back to see Annabelle at bedtime. I hadn’t prepared myself to be away overnight immediately.

Back in October when Annabelle was a mere 3 month old I wrote a post about the 10 things I had learnt since becoming a Mum. The post is here.

Things have changed a LOT since then and as we approach Annabelle turning 9 months I thought I would write a follow up post as there have been a bunch more things I have now found out!

Also quick update on the last post, Annabelle’s liver function is now normal so no more blood tests or meds (yay)!

So without further ado here are the 10 more things I never knew before becoming a Mum of a now crawling, almost walking 9 month old:

Travelling abroad with a baby was an all new experience for us. We had made quite a few long car journeys but this time, heading to New York, involved flying! In fact it involved two flights to get there and two to get back. The first flight was a quick 45 minute flight from Birmingham to Dublin but the second flight was 7 hours Dublin to New York (our must do list for the city is here).

Before Annabelle arrived we travelled a lot and shared our top 10 tips here and shared a round up of our trips across Europe, the USA and Oz here.

It was fitting then, as with most things in the modern world, that we Googled for advice on how we should handle the flight and found more than a few blogs sharing their advice. It’s amazing what a valuable resource blogs can be when preparing for the unknown!

Annabelle is growing so quickly that remembering her newborn days is almost a distant memory. Thankfully we have tons of photos and blog posts to remember it all. It was when Annabelle was 6 weeks old we shared our Top 10 Must Haves for Newborns. So at 6 months, we thought we would share our recommendations for a growing baby.

Before diving in – these recommendations are based on our experience and what we have found particularly useful. We are trying to parent on a budget and have invested in things that we hope will last us a while. We have also learnt a few lessons about what we don’t need and what others we know have had and never used.

These are in no particular order but here goes!