Koh Samui


Our guide to Thailand could go on for pages, so we decided to pick our highlights and focus on them instead! It’ll also mean you’re not spending time reading through what was an eventful week in our life 🙂 But as we have your attention, sit back, relax and enjoy our guide to Koh Samui!

You have probably heard us mention (in real life or another social media outlet) that I was bitten by a dog while we were in Thailand. We thought we should tell you all the full story!

Moments before getting bitten by a dog – do you see why I wanted to get in that water so badly?

It was our first full day in Thailand (after we’d spent a day recovering from Egypt and the Full Moon Party) – we wandered down to a beautiful little cafe, Karma Sutra, for breakfast, and afterwards decided to find a nice spot on the stunning Bophut beach to sunbathe and take our first (and much anticipated) swim in the sea.