Our daughter at about 20 hours old

We had everything planned to have our caesarian section on Thursday 5th July. But on the Friday before, Sarah got a call from the hospital, checking she was okay to have her pre-op that day in preparation for her operation on Monday. To which Sarah said, ‘Wait, MONDAY??’ – it turned out they had rescheduled us because so many of the planned c-sections for that day had already happened.

Well, somehow we are now over 16 weeks – solidly into the second trimester! It’s absolutely flown!

Now that they have calmed down a little, I thought I’d look back on the three most surprising side effects of Sarah’s first trimester. I am so glad Sarah hasn’t been very ill, but at the same time have loved her having pregnancy symptoms – they are reassuring in those early weeks before the 12 week scan, where we wanted to make sure that Tater Tot was still in there and growing! Also, we have been together for nine years this March, and for so much of that time I have been excited for Sarah to be pregnant, so it really feels like a dream come true! She is every bit as adorable as a pregnant woman as I thought she’d be. A bit gassier than I imagined (haha), but still cute.

So, without further ado, the weirdest first trimester symptoms Sarah had – listed from least to most adorable.

Every year, at every festive event we throw or attend from November onwards, we are asked to bring one of my signature recipes – the runaway favourite dish from Thanksmases past, Green Bean Casserole. I know it’s past Thanksgiving, but Christmas is still to come, which is a perfect opportunity to add this recipe to your family dinner. It is easy, delicious, and a side that we start talking about/looking forward to in like September, so for Brum Blogmas today (the brief is winter warmers, of which this definitely is one!) I thought I’d write down the recipe as I do it. Also, so I don’t ever forget it, I’d be so upset!

My Mum and Dad are staying with us for six weeks, before they set off traveling Europe again, and I’ve set about making as many memories and making up for as many occasions as possible while they are here.

We’ve been to Bistro Pierre to celebrate Sarah’s birthday, we have been to the Cotswolds to see the lavender, and we have plans to go back to Bistro Pierre for a six course menu for Dad’s birthday next month.

For Fathers Day, Dad was in the USA, so last weekend I made him his favourite pie as a belated gift.

Strawberry and rhubarb pie is absolutely delicious – sweet but with a hint of tang, soft and warming – I’d recommend it in strawberry season of course, but even in the winter I believe this pie would hit the spot! Best served with a pot of my Mum’s homemade custard, of course.

I’d seen photos from the glamorous Russian restaurant Bob Bob Ricard in London on Instagram over the last few years, and always had it on my list of ‘one day, if we have the money/an occasion’ items.

So when I suggested it to my ‘realist’ wife for our anniversary and showed her the photos, I definitely expected her to say no. It is the most expensive place we would have ever eaten! So I was shocked when she said she thought it was a great idea, and I booked it before she could change her mind.