Happy Pride 2021!

It’s a strange way to start a Pride post when Pride starting as protest. However here we are some 50 years later there are reasons to be happy. Here we are legally married with a beautiful daughter that we are both parents to. With a second on the way conceived, like Annabelle, through the wonder of science.

Every June brings new Pride events and new ways to bring awareness and visibility to the LGBTQ+ community. June also ends up being one of our busiest months. We choose to spend the month sharing LGBTQ+ owned businesses, charities and accounts. We know just how important visibility is.

This year we have also been given opportunities to talk about our family and share our journey so far.

We joined The Parent Kollective to talk about how we became parents. They are sharing 100,000 diverse and authentic stories exploring all aspects of modern parenthood. You can find them on Instagram and YouTube where they share new stories twice a week. Our story can be found here.

BBC Tiny Happy People also shared an article with our tips on how to talk to your child about LGBTQ+ and different family units. You can check out the article here. We were also invited to share our tips on BBC 5Live Drive Time. You can listen online at BBC 5Live then head to 24th of June –> drive time 4pm –> then skip to 2 hrs 43 minutes in.

At the start of June we were invited to be part of this years Elmer Pride. It included a special collaboration between Elmer the Patchwork Elephant and Truffle Shuffle (who create awesome t-shirts). 100% of the proceeds from the collaboration were donated to the charity Just Like Us! The charity’s mission is to empower young people to champion LGBTQ+ equality. They run an annual initiative called School Diversity Week which empowers school staff and pupils to tackle homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying by organising activities that celebrate LGBTQ equality within education.

Our final activity of the month was working with Munchkin. One of their core values is diversity. They feel a responsibility to create a more loving world in which we can raise children. As part of working together they asked us to pick a charity to donate £500 in our name. We choose Just Like Us. We feel like it is important to support the future world Annabelle is soon to be a part of us.

Ball For All also support School Diversity Week and sent us some stickers to turn one of our balls into a Ball for All. The charity shares lesson plans about LGBTQ+ athletes to aim to challenge and identify homophobia in sport, so young people have the tools to step up, stand up and speak up. Launched in 2018 the Ball For All started with a focus on Football but they to donate proceeds to Just Like Us.

If you have any questions or would like to know anything about Pride or how to talk to your child about different families just drop us a comment or email.


Sarah is from Reading, in England, her loves (as well as Laura) include potatoes -a meal simply isn’t a meal without them- cheesy music, musicals, relaxing baths and long country dog walks. Sarah is our main blogger, does most of our Instagram Stories and Twitter, and tends to write any articles we are asked to put together for other sites. Sarah works full time as the head of a team of relationship managers at a company based in London, and she loves playing netball weekly with her team, the Netchix.

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