On our first ever trip to Birmingham we went to Cadbury World. Since our first trip we have taken Laura’s 90+ Nan, our bestie from Australia and plenty of other friends and family. It’s a great day out.

So we were excited when Cadbury World announced they were launching a special Parent + Toddler ticket for £16 on Monday to Fridays between 17th of May and 16th of July. The ticket allows an adult and child under 5 access to the whole experience and it is well worth it. If you go on a Thursday you even get to enjoy story time with Freddo. For full details see here: https://www.cadburyworld.co.uk/plan-your-visit/offers/toddlerticket

Cadbury World is a short 10 minute drive from our home so we were invited to check out what was on offer we jumped at the chance. In some ways it was a full circle moment for us. Just as we look to move from Birmingham we get invited to the place where our love our Birmingham started.

On arrival you have your temperature checked and on passing you are given a wristband to wear for the visit. Then we headed to the Freddo show, which is hosted in the outdoor play area (but undercover). The show was 20 minutes and jam-packed with dancing and interactions. Annabelle took a while to warm up but was dancing around by the end and loved getting to meet Freddo.

After we were warmed up next stop was the 4D Chocolate Adventure, a cinema where the seats shake as you enjoy a rollercoaster into a chocolate-y world. Sadly Annabelle wasn’t a fan of the dark and shaking chair so we decided to head out and explore more.

The main factory part of the experience is jam-packed and contains two of our highlights. Chocolate tasting and The Cadabra Ride.  Exploring Cadbury world during the week is a much calmer experience. We were able to move around without queuing and Annabelle loved all the pictures and decorations. It is super child friendly and the staff are so friendly and welcoming.

For me one of the great things about Cadbury World is that they have included educational parts alongside the entertaining parts. You learn about the history of chocolate, the history of Cadbury’s, the chocolate making process, the products (and who doesn’t LOVE Cadbury products) and get to play games.

In the chocolate tasting area they have added tables where you you can try your hand at writing in chocolate. We all had a go and it was a nice interactive experience, even if we had to stop Annabelle eating the chocolate 🙂

Annabelle’s favourite part of the experience was the Cadabra Ride. We were impressed that she wanted to go twice, and as it was quiet we could. You sit and enjoy a tour round different chocolate worlds.

The other highlight for Annabelle was the treasure hunt that we could do along the way. She is big into treasure hunts at the moment so this was a nice addition.

If the weather had been nicer we would have also taken advantage of the amazing play park. It’s fair to say we could have spent all day there which is great value for £16.

And as May has been such terrible weather the deal makes it an extra great place to spend the day as a lot of it is indoor/under cover.

*gifted tickets


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