Mother’s Day in the UK always coincides with Spring and in now it seems like a reward for making it through winter. Sure we may have only had two Mother’s Days as Mothers but when celebrating my Mum (as Laura’s we celebrated on USA Mother’s Day) we usually go out for dinner so benefit too.

This year we have been giving some thought to gifts we would like to receive as well as gifts we want to give. As Annabelle is still young we are heavily influenced the gifts right now 🙂

So if you, like us, are looking for inspiration for something a bit different here are a few suggestions from us:

The sentimental Mum:

This is both me and my Mum. We love everything to do with making and remembering great times. We love photos and gives that have that extra bit of thought. It’s not about the spend so much as the thought and time taken organising the gift(s).

ASDA Photo has a great range of photo gifts to celebrate Mother’s and Mother figures in all generations. The range includes Personalised cushions, cards, mugs, canvas’s and desk decor (in case you miss your little ones faces when they head back to school and you are working from home. Our favourite gift is range of photo books though. We love photo books and have a selection to celebrate memorable moments. We have also given my Mum one for Christmas each year since Annabelle arrived.

We have always struggled to find an easy to use site and when ASDA Photo offered us the opportunity to try there’s we were delighted. Thankfully the ASDA photo website allows you to connect to GooglePhotos where we store all our photos. You can also connect to Instagram, Facebook, Dropbox and Flikr so plenty of options. They start from £6 so are super affordable.

It took me less than an hour to create a book with all our Christmas 2020 pics which is far and away the quickest we have ever put a book together so highly recommend checking out the site for Mothers Day and any other occasion!

Mapiful: Do you have a special place or significant location with your Mum? Then Mapiful would make a great gift. Essentially this is customisable wall art. You can pick any location, choose your map style and colour and add a personal phrase to add your own touch.

The Mum who needs a pamper

This is Laura right now. Annabelle and I are always asking her to take it easy and put her feet up and the best way to do that is to find things to do at home.

Mother’s Day Hampers: If you can’t choose one gift then you always have the option of putting together a hamper. Wilko’s have a great range of Mothers Day gifts that we were lucky enough to try out. Together with Annabelle we choose a Queen Bee pillow, cuddly toy, and comfy pink throw so we could get snuggly when watching movies. We also added in a few sweet treats (Love Hearts and Roses) as well as some stunning faux flowers to brighten up our living room. The range is super affordable and can be found here:

Razor: Okay this may sound like a strange one but we have recently tried razors from Estrid and they are so good. Here’s the thing, they are vegan razors! Designed to be kind and gentle to your body – seriously no nicks with these razors – and the planet. This is a lovely gift for a Mum who deserves a way to take care of themselves and has a social conscience and it’s only £7.95 for the starter kit.

It’s vegan as it uses natural ingredients like aloe vera instead of animal substances in the soothing strips. Buying one even helps make a difference. For every purchase they donate a portion to Kvinna till Kvinna, Medica Mondiale or the Fawcett Society. These organisations all work to support women and gender equality around the world, click the links to find out more. You can read more about the razors and the Estrid mission here.

The Cool Mum

Tiny Tot Tribe: Our personal go to for comfy jumpers. At some points this year we have managed a whole week of outfits with jumpers from Tiny Tot Tribe. They have tons of designs and lots of clothing options. Whether you want something cute or you want to match with your kids you should check out this small business. Oh and use Annabelle10 for a discount!

We hope whatever your Mothers Day plans are that you have a wonderful time and let us know if you take up any of our suggestions!

Disclaimer: we were kindly gifted the items from ASDA photos, Mapiful and Estrid Razors for review. Having used the products ourselves the comments above are all our own and we received no payment in exchange for the reviews. 


Sarah is from Reading, in England, her loves (as well as Laura) include potatoes -a meal simply isn’t a meal without them- cheesy music, musicals, relaxing baths and long country dog walks. Sarah is our main blogger, does most of our Instagram Stories and Twitter, and tends to write any articles we are asked to put together for other sites. Sarah works full time as the head of a team of relationship managers at a company based in London, and she loves playing netball weekly with her team, the Netchix.

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