Travel: Gran Canaria: Our Family Trip!

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We appreciate that travel is a no go in times of Covid and this post is not shared to encourage travel. Purely to share an experience that we look back on fondly.

I read yesterday that it was Blue Monday. The most depressing day of the year. Although the day was named by travel agents to encourage people to think of travel. It wasn’t so blue for us. We couldn’t book travel but we could enjoy our travels from the past.

In fact there are benefits of looking at holiday photos. Especially in lockdown. The memories bring back happy feelings and that makes us feel better. Looking at happy faces activates pleasure centres in the brain and while we can’t venture far in the world it allows us to imagine. To escape. And who doesn’t want that for a moment of two.

And so on that note, here is a video of us escaping in January 2020 for a family trip to Gran Canaria! Click here.

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