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Review: Bubbleology – Bubble Tea!

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When we were invited to try Bubble Tea at Birmingham’s new Bubbleology we jumped at the opportunity. Neither of us had ever tried Bubble Tea so we had no idea what to expect. Turns out we aren’t the only ones. When we asked on Instagram Stories 54% of people hadn’t tried Bubble Tea.

Bubbleology Birmingham is located on the top of the Bull Ring shopping centre, opposite Victoria Secrets. The store is kitted out with a bar area and seating. Although the seating has been closed during Covid restrictions. Walking in the menu is on display by the counter allowing you to make your choice while you queue.

As newbie’s we asked the advice of the people working there. Walking through the menu and asked what flavours we liked. Based on this they made suggestions. The key types of drinks were milk, fruit, bubble fizz, Utopian specials and cocktails.

In our naivety we thought Bubble Tea was like cold tea, and it may well be if you go for a milk base option. We went for a Bubble Fizz version and a Utopian special. Laura opted for Strawberry & Mint fizz and it was delicious! The mint was subtle and the fizz was from lemonade. The highlight was the strawberry bubbles/boba though. The texture takes a bit of getting used to but the flavour is delicious. In fact I would happily get a cup of bubbles to eat!

I choose the Utopian special called Genie. It was blueberry and apple flavoured. The apple jelly’s great but the apple whipped cream was too sweet (IMHO).

Once you get the hang off what you do and don’t like you can make your own concoctions. With so many flavours available you have plenty of choice. We enjoyed that you didn’t have to have tea in the drink and that there were so many options. You can see a full range of drinks available here.

You can read more about Bubbleology on their website, including where Bubble Tea got it’s name:

We will definitely be back to taste more flavours and now we know what we are in for. If you like fruity, refreshing drinks that are super tasty then give Bubble Tea a go.


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