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Baby Blogging – Transfer Day – Baby Smith Number Two

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It feels weird writing this post. It seems like we have been talking about Baby Smith Number Two for so long. In fact at times the preparation to get to this day had seemed overwhelming. For those of you following along you may have read the posts, if not here’s a quick breakdown of the journey so far:

  • Laura needed to get to a BMI of 35 to be able to try at the clinic we used to have Annabelle
  • We initially planned to try in May 2020 but Covid!
  • This time around it was meant to be Laura’s egg we were using – until we found out she was almost infertile
  • We decided to try Laura carrying my embryo in a Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET)
  • Laura lost 70 lbs to reach her BMI in time for us to have an appointment as soon as clinics reopened
  • Laura’s first womb check showed the lining is at 8.7cm but we can’t do the transfer till it was 9cm – second appointment needed
  • Laura’s womb responds to medicine and gets to 9cm
  • We found out that the clinic would start to let partners into the operation theatre mid-August
  • Our transfer day is the 25th of August – I can be there!


If you did want to read about any of the journey so far click on the older post arrow below. For quick access here is the post on how Laura lost the 70 lbs: 

Tuesday the 25th arrived both quickly and slowly in our world. Quickly because after all the ups and downs it was finally here. From the first clinic sessions to get Laura on the right medication, to her starting her cycle to getting the womb lining checked and then checked again it all happened quickly.

It went slowly because May was 3 months ago and we felt like we were ready back then.  And the womb lining not being ready and us having to have another appointment was unexpected. But that’s not important, we are here, now.

On Monday we received a call and were give a transfer time of 12pm. We had to be there at 11.30am to check over paperwork and get changed.

When we arrived on Tuesday morning we did the usual ‘check in’ via the telecom speaker and were asked to wait in the car. The nerves were crazy. Yes we had done this before but that was 3 years ago. This was a weirdly familiar yet terrifyingly new situation. When we were called in we were escorted to our room. The last time the ward had been buzzing. It wasn’t busy but there were other couples around. Today it was just us. We had to wear masks the entire time. In some ways it was nice being back at the same clinic as the faces were still familiar.

While sat in the room we were visiting by the embryologist who came and told us our top quality embryo had done a top quality job of defrosting and was ready to go. (It will never not be strange that the embryo was created  at the same time as Annabelle). Then the consultant came in to walk us through the procedure and then the nurses came in to do checks. Laura is helping with a progesterone study so there was blood taken too.

We dressed in funky outfits – Laura in a hospital gown and me in scrubs. oh and had stunning bright pink crocs to finish the look. We danced. We hoped. We talked about the future. We talked a lot about Annabelle. It was the first time it was just us in a while and we enjoyed it. Despite the nerves.

We were called in around 12.15 and made our way to the operating theatre. After detail checks, me adjusting a very tall stool and Laura trying to elegantly mount the bed we were ready. The Care Team were ready and raring to go.

The procedure is straight forward and actually only lasted 7 minutes. Sadly for Laura there were a painful 4 minutes as her dancing cervix needed to be pinned to allow easy entry. They pin the cervic using tongs to hold it still and ensure the embryo has a straight passage to the right pace in the womb. In some ways having been through it meant I could help. My transfer was challenging as I had an S shaped cervix so there was no straight entry, it was painful. I found counting back from 100 helped me. I suggested it to Laura and it helped her in the last 4 minutes.

Then just like that it was done. Baby Smith Number Two is on board.

Laura just got off the bed and we walked back to the room. Science is incredible.

With a checklist of do’s and don’ts and we got changed, said out thank you’s and goodbyes and left.

So that’s it until test day on the 9th of September. We have everything crossed (including Laura’s legs :D) that emby (our nickname for it) stays put and wants to become baby Smith Number Two.

Oh and can’t forget that we had our after transfer McDonald fries so we have done all we can!

If you wanted to check out the start of Baby Smith Number One’s journey it’s here:

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