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Review: Confetti Fields, Blooming Marvelous!

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If Covid-19 has taught us anything it is to appreciate where we live, even more. This year we have been to see the lavender in The Cotswolds, the sunflowers at our local farm and the Confetti Fields in Wkye Manor in Worcestershire. It turns out flowers fields have a few benefits as days out with a toddler. Firstly they are wide open spaces, perfect for running around. Secondly they have beautiful flowers which mean you can distract a toddler with pretty colours. Thirdly they tend me cheap and have space for a picnic so it’s a cost effective day out.

The Confetti Fields started in 1997 and grow flowers that become natural, biodegradable confetti that can be used at celebrations – especially weddings! Our trip was on a hot August day as the fields opened later this year than usual. Our first visit was in 2018, two days before Annabelle was born.

This year you have to book tickets in advance and pick a time slot. On arrival check in happens in your car and you are directed to a parking spot. The set up means it is easy to avoid other people and make your visit your own. We arrived just after 11am for our slot and made our way to the field packed with flowers that were gorgeous shades of pink, purple and white.

Anyone with a toddler will know that trying to get a family picture is hard enough at the best of times, so we gave up early. With the rows of flowers making perfect running tracks we let Annabelle run free. We took pictures of the flowers and us and let Annabelle be. We accepted that any photos of her would be ‘in motion’.

Thankfully with flowers in our colours (Mama/Laura = pink and Mummy/Sarah = purple) we could get Annabelle’s attention and snap a few pictures. There were also some hay bales that Annabelle could climb on that meant we could enjoy a brief sit down.

We spent just over an hour in the fields and could have spent longer. Annabelle chatted about the pretty flowers all afternoon. Looking through the pictures we captured will remind us of time well spent and we will try to go again next year.

If you want to know more about the Confetti Fields their website is packed full of info, just click here.  Tickets are still available for this year and are £5 per adult and free for under 5’s.


If you are planning a wedding then the company is worth checking out as there are so many options available with the confetti. You can pick colours, types and packaging. We wish we had known about it when we got married.


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