How I Lost 70 lbs in 6 Months for Baby Smith #2

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2020 has been a difficult year for pretty much everyone. For me, I lost my Mum, my Pop (Mum’s Dad), which particularly stung as if we’d been able to go to Australia for Mum’s celebration I would have seen him and introduced Annabelle to him. We then set out on our journey to give Annabelle a sibling, and I found out that I don’t have enough eggs to do IVF to carry a baby that is genetically mine. Not a great start.

On top of this, I had a lot of weight to lose, to get myself healthy to get pregnant and to carry a baby. As an emotional eater, this was a nightmare! But yet, I have the ultimate motivation – to get pregnant. It was a now or never situation for me, as it would have been easy to just ask Sarah to carry it, as she did it so well last time. But I REALLY want to experience pregnancy. I am not sure I’ve ever been this motivated for anything, and I’m not sure I will again – but as of yesterday, I officially lost 70 lbs, 5 stone, or 35 KGs!

I thought I’d write a post on it to say how I did it, as it may help others, and honestly I want to remember so I can do it again if needed!

Diet-wise, I followed a Slimming World style plan (which I really recommend, as it’s the only thing I’ve properly stuck to, so look that up or join a group!), but did it on my own.

The Food

This involved eating:

  • mostly lean proteins and fruit/veg, I try to eat as much water based stuff as possible.
  • up to 30 grams of cheese and 100 ml of oat milk and one piece of brown toast per day.
  • on Slimming World you can have pasta/rice/potatoes and don’t need to measure them, I tried to reduce my intake of these things and to kick off the last of it, I cut out these things. BUT I think being able to eat these is why Slimming World is so good to stick to!
  • the only thing I measured is my sweets/crisps/processed things. I could have about 300 calories of this per day. It really helps make the plan feel not so restrictive. I could have a small pack of Maltesers here and there, or sauces, or I’d use these calories on more toast if I wanted it. But again, towards the end I cut these out too, trying to have 0 – 100 calories of treats.

The other major thing I did was exercise. It’s not something I love doing, so it was a real change for me. I didn’t do a ton, just tried to get my body moving as much as possible.

The Exercise
  • I jogged (only a mile, but for me it’s enough, and if I overdo it I will do it less frequently) 5 mornings per week. Music in, same route, just tried to do more and more each day.
  • During the day when I was working, I got a standing desk converter and it was LIFE CHANGING. When I started, I found it uncomfortable to stand for more than an hour at a time, but by the end I was standing for 7 hours per work day. I’d try to move as much as possible – swaying/walking in place when I was in the office, but when my colleague went downstairs that was my chance to GROOVE – I’d dance until she came back. When I was working from home, I’d dance for a lot of it, with the radio on. Dancing is the most fun exercise!
  • During the day now that I’m at home, I try to be more active with Annabelle. She does a music class on Youtube which I do all the actions for, I run around after her, lots of chasing which she loves. When we go on walks as a family, I always have the backpack with our water etc for a bit of extra weight. Also when Annabelle wants a carry, I do it.
  • In the evenings, we go on family walks, they generally aren’t fast paced but I try to run around with Bisbee.
  • After dinner and Annabelle’s bedtime, we do an 8-10 minute workout video (Tae Bo or Joe Wicks!) on Youtube, just to get dinner moving.
Other things I did:
  • Drink water! I try to drink as much as possible. Occasionally I will put a little bit of sugar free squash/cordial in it, but mostly just water. Diet Coke as an occasional treat – but keeping hydrated is the best way to be, and also it cleared my skin right up!
  • Try to go to bed earlier, as your body recovers when you sleep, and it’ll set you up to have a good healthy day tomorrow!
  • I weighed myself every day, good day or once I’d fallen off the wagon. I hesitate to recommend this, in fact I think I don’t recommend this unless you have a really close deadline, as it made me a bit obsessive. But when I had a ‘cheat’ meal, weighing the next day took the fear out of whether I’d ‘messed up’ that week, and gave me renewed motivation to keep going. The debriefs of how I felt I’d done that day every night though I’m sure Sarah could have done without haha!

I managed to lose the weight in 6 months – which is pretty quick, I put this down to me having a lot to lose, and also to being very committed. I plan (after this week with Annabelle’s birthday!) to continue, and I imagine as I’ve already lost so much, that it will slow down. But that’s okay, because every week that I have a loss, it’s another pound down in the long run.

My two year old fits into my jeans with me now!

If you have any questions, please feel free to message, leave a comment – I’m here!

Love, Laura

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