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Baby Blogging: First Hair Cut

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We knew the time would come for Annabelle to have her first haircut but neither of us were looking forward to it. There were a few reasons; Firstly her hair had reached a perfect length to put in pigtails/bunches. Secondly we weren’t sure how she would react to the whole experience. Thirdly what if she wriggled at the wrong point and she ended up with a wonky hair style.

Okay, okay, all but one of those reasons is vanity related but I’ve always feared a haircut in case something goes wrong.

Thankfully Annabelle’s first hair cut was plain sailing. Here is what we did to prepare her:

On the morning of the haircut I watched YouTube videos with Annabelle to show her what it would be like.

I played with her hair and pretended to cut it.

Using the term ‘snip-snip’ I showed her how my hair would be cut.

I got my hair cut first so she could watch. I also kept repeating ‘snip-snip’ as it was happening, so she would relate it the morning.

And it all worked. The whole experience went so well. Annabelle was calm, we had fun and when it was her turn we made it quick. We also made sure we had snacks available as an initial distraction.

Equally important was that the hair cut was a trim and while it is a little shorter it’s not too dramatic – phew!

Oh and one thing we noticed was that most of the YouTube clips were boys getting their haircuts, or girls getting it done at home. So we recorded Annabelle’s haircut to share on YouTube for any other little girls who will be getting haircuts at salons. Laura and I are definitely NOT brave enough to try it at home! You can see it here.

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