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Review: Buckt – A Way To New Adventures!

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Our life is far from quiet and sedate. We are known to squeeze an unfathomable amount of things into a weekend and often work is a chance to catch our breath. However one thing we are aware of is that we often stick to doing things we are comfortable with. Or heading to the same places as it’s easy.

Buckt has been an opportunity to challenge our thinking, benefit from experiences we would have never considered and learn something new about ourselves along the way. It’s also given us the chance to recommend new things to do to friends and family visiting or living in Birmingham.

If you are looking for a great Christmas gift for your other half, a couple you know, friends, family, colleagues or maybe you, then Buckt could be the ideal choice!

If you want to join the Buckt community and try something new in 2020 check out the website here: Buckt

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To clarify, discount codes aren’t applicable to gift orders, so quote our blog where it asks ‘where did you hear about Buckt?’

This isn’t our first Buckt post, and we still have more experiences to get to but for now here’s where you can find out what we’ve had the opportunity to do:
Buckt: A Great New Way To Explore Birmingham
Buckt: A Great New Way To Explore Birmingham and Beyond

Buckt: Getting out in Birmingham and Beyond

A few of our highlights from the last couple of months have included:

Worcester Races – one of the oldest tracks in the country dating back over 300 years! This was a family-friendly event. An opportunity to enjoy the thrill of the (cheap) bet and cheering the horses on. The race course hosts evening entertainment and has an 80’s Christmas party coming up on the 21st of December!

The Swan Pedal Boats at Cannon Hill Park – not the most stable of transport but a good laugh, for the people watching us navigate as well as us!

We were sad to miss our game of Footgolf due to adverse weather conditions (otherwise known as torrential rain). We plan to book in a game next year though as I reckon I’ve got the skills and Laura played football (sorry soccer) at school!

And here’s what we have coming up:

Basketball Game – at Worcester Wolves. We’ve never seen a basketball game and Worcester Wolves will be our first. They are one the top teams in the UK. We expect it to be fast-paced and the promo material states it ‘Americanised’ with a half time show with cheerleaders! We look forward to Laura feeling at home for a bit.

National Motorcycle Museum in Birmingham: it’s the largest motorcycle museum in the world with over 1000 bikes on display. We look forward to seeing bikes through the years – after the train museum in Baltimore we realised we enjoy checking out these kinds of places.

Retro Gaming Session at DSC Race Centre: this one we are so, so excited for! We both enjoyed playing video games as kids. Laura favoured Nintendo 64, Mario Kart and Mario Party. I was into Playstation and Sega Mega-drive – so Sonic the Hedgehog, Micro cars, Fifa ’96. We can’t wait to see what games we get to check out. All the reviews give the centre 5 out of 5 stars!

Kickboxing classes at Eagle Kickboxing Academy – what better way to start the new year than getting fit, and kicking butt! Or whatever we get to kick in kickboxing classes. Well actually we’ll let you know if it’s the best way to start the new year. For two people who plan to indulge over Christmas it may be a challenge to do any kicking….

As you can see the variety of activities available is amazing.

Buckt switched to providing the ‘box’ digitally in the month of November to save the trees and while we loved receiving the physical box, we were happy to have saved some paper and found it very useful to refer to the list of activities digitally throughout the month.

We’ll keep you updated as we do each of the activities on our Instagram Stories (The Smith Story) and be back to update the blog as soon as we can!

We can wait to see what the December box brings…..

Sarah is from Reading, in England, her loves (as well as Laura) include potatoes -a meal simply isn’t a meal without them- cheesy music, musicals, relaxing baths and long country dog walks. Sarah is our main blogger, does most of our Instagram Stories and Twitter, and tends to write any articles we are asked to put together for other sites. Sarah works full time as the head of a team of relationship managers at a company based in London, and she loves playing netball weekly with her team, the Netchix.

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