Happy Fall, Y’all!

It’s my favourite time of year, I can hardly be-leaf that Autumn is already here!

And look, I’m ready!

I turn completely ‘basic’ (I personally feel I probably am ‘basic’ all year, but so what, I like popular seasonal things!) and want to pumpkin and leaf everything. So in honour of the most wonderful time of the year (the last three months obvs!) here’s my Autumn 2019 bucket list, as an American living in the UK.

  1. Go pick pumpkins! Last year we went to Cattow’s Farm which is in Leicestershire and we completely loved it and recommend it. It felt very American, and made me feel really at home. There are hay bales and I think they do some Halloween events too.
  2. Carve them, of course! I usually have a pumpkin carving party with my colleagues, and this year is no exception. This year i’m sure it’ll be mostly spent trying to stop Annabelle from eating all the pumpkin innards!
  3. Decorate the house for Halloween. I like to do this early in the month, as not everyone receives Trick-or-Treaters around here. This way, the parents who drive around my neighbourhood will know we do celebrate! The first year we lived in this house, we were the only house on our street that decorated – but now we are up to 4 I think, the cheer is spreading! This year I’ve ordered giant spiders for outside the house from Wish, interested to see how they are when they arrive. I’ve run out of candy every year except one, when it was raining badly. I hope this year will be the same!
  4. Celebrate my birthday and Bisbee’s birthday! We will be in Baltimore visiting my parents for this, which will be great! Bisbee will be with Nanny and Pop, but I’ll make sure to send her off with her usual birthday steak!
  5. Lots of Autumnal walks with my girls, maybe at the Lickey Hills – introduce Annabelle to the joy of crunchy leaves, and throw them for Bisbee to catch!
  6. Make warm, cozy meals – it’s casserole weather!
  7. Have cosy evenings in watching TV with my wife under a blanket with candles burning.
  8. Spend time with my Mum and Dad – we haven’t seen them since July!
  9. See Maryland’s fall foliage (possibly on a train!), and go apple picking in the USA?
  10. Purchase lots of autumnal food/candy/candles/decor in the USA
  11. Wear giant scarves!
  12. Go to Disney on Ice – it’s coming to Birmingham and we can’t wait!!
  13. Watch the Rocky Horror Picture Show, my favourite movie since I was 16!
  14. Order pizza on Halloween night – I love doing this, definitely recommend – so one of the doorbells is actually a treat for us!
  15. Dress up in costume and watch Hocus Pocus, also on Halloween night. We may be the only house I know that all dress up to answer the door (including Bisbee!), but it’s so much fun! And we watch Hocus Pocus after the door knockers are finished, as its one of the only Halloween themed movies I can handle (I’m really bad with scary stuff!)
  16. Watch The Nightmare Before Christmas on November 1st – one of my favourite movies growing up, it’s the perfect mix of Halloween and Christmas, so ideal to say goodbye to one of my favourite holidays and hello to the other!
  17. Thanksgiving! I’m sure I’ll write a post on this at the time, but this is the day I miss the USA the most. I never plan anything, and end up getting upset. But this year, we’ve been invited to an American ex-pats Thanksgiving dinner, AND I’ve taken the days off work to do my own proper Thanksgiving. It’s so important to me to show Annabelle the traditions from both sides of her family, and Thanksgiving is a big part of that.

Do you have any recommendations I should add to this? Always looking for more to make me feel cosy and Autumnal.

If you think I said Autumnal way too many times in this post, you wouldn’t want to meet me in person right now!

Finally, for any parents – how old was your child when you first took them Trick-or-Treating? We are unsure if we should this year for Annabelle’s first time. There’s a lot of candy we wouldn’t give her, she’s not had any sweets yet, but she is really into knocking on people’s doors at the moment, so the other day as we dragged her away from our third in a row neighbor’s door, we thought – maybe we should!


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