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Baby Blogging: The End of Breastfeeding

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13 months and 5 days ago our wonderful Annabelle joined our family and from the moment she arrived she has been breastfeeding. For the entire time I have been her Mum I have been breastfeeding her.

That was until now.

I haven’t completely stopped breastfeeding but it is slowing down. And both Annabelle and I okay with it. I think. It’s time.

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The last hurdle we have to overcome is the midnight snack. For the last few weeks we have been giving Annabelle a bottle of cows milk at bedtime – around 5oz. Then just as we are drifting off to sleep Annabelle will wake up wanting food. At that point breastfeeding is the easiest option.

The same can be said of mornings. We haven’t figured out getting a bottle ready in time for Annabelle waking up so I often pick her up and feed her. I also like the time we get together in the morning as often Annabelle wakes up super happy.

We are aiming to have ourselves sorted and Annabelle fully weaned by 15 months as we were reading that at that point she will develop a new sense of attachment that will be harder to break.

It’s not easy writing that this is (almost) the end but then very little is easy raising a kid. The upside is that the rewards are amazing and constant. The enjoyment is more than I ever expected as Annabelle is no longer a baby it does make sense that she doesn’t need me in quite the same way.

It’s amazing reading the first post here and how far we have come.

Two months in we were finding our rhythm and I shared this post here on how I was getting on.

At nine months I shared this post here about preparing to go back to work and still breastfeed.

At ten months I was able to share this post on breastfeeding and working here.

And then this was the last post I shared on a year of breastfeeding here.

Happy world breastfeeding week to those Mum’s out there who are able to breastfeed and kudos to those Mama’s making it work feeding babies in another way!

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