Are you a fan of afternoon teas? Do you like yours with tea, prosecco or maybe a cocktail? Well however you like yours it might be worth checking out Slug and Lettuce.

If, like me, you remember Slug and Lettuce for being a stop on a night out for drink deals and a selection of shots then you might be in for a surprise – the revamp is fancy! The drink deals are still there but this time they focus heavily on cocktails and afternoon teas.

We were invited to try the Tipsy Afternoon Tea at the Wolverhampton Slug and Lettuce and thought it was a perfect chance to try out a potential Valentines treat. We were right, it was!

On arrival we were shown to a birdcage style seating area decorated with flowers. The rest of the place was decorated with floral and creating a garden theme – super girly and perfect for a date.

We opted for the Tipsy Afternoon Tea with cocktails and as it was 2-4-1 on cocktails we could enjoy two during the course of our tea. The pornstar martini and pina colada were our favs the rainbow one on offer was super sugary and we’d suggest skipping the one with glitter as it tasted like weird prosecco.

Tipsy teas are £15 per person, non-alcoholic teas are £10 per person. Details are here.

The ‘tea’ is the same for all menu options – a selection of sandwiches, tuna, chicken and avocado & halloumi. Scones with jam and clotted cream. Then desserts with included brownies, cookie covered profiteroles and our personal favs the merginagues (meringues put together like macaroons).

If you don’t fancy an alcoholic tipple with your tea you can have a hot drink or choose from the sober scene menu!

Or if you fancy going all out they do something awesome called the Pornstar martini tree (recommended for 6 people) but you know if it’s an all day date you may have the time!

The cocktail bar itself is also worth checking out – when we walked in they had signs up for S&L and we thought for a second we may have a personalised bar, sadly not just Slug and Lettuce using their initials ‘S&L’ – hahaha oh well.

They are even making ‘S&L style’ a thing. So if you want to end dry January in style or S&L style then checking out Slug and Lettuce should be on your to-do list!

Or hold out and make it a Valentines Day treat, it’s the perfect location to get romantic and enjoy cake and cocktails.

In summary, as you would be hard pressed to find many places that do two cocktails for £15 let alone £15 for cocktails and food, it makes this a really good value Afternoon Tea.


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