This time of year is for enjoying yourself, stuffing your face and generally being a little indulgent – or it is in our world!

One of my highlights of this time if year is Laura’s cooking. Throughout the year Laura will create all kinds of masterpieces but this is pie season and my wife makes a wonderful pie.
Last year Laura perfected a chicken, leek and sweet potato pie and this year upped her game and made it for a pre-family gathering we hosted for 6 people. Here is the recipe for 4 people:
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To increase the recipe for 6 people Laura roasted a whole chicken then used the breasts and thighs. The juices from the chicken were then added along with the chicken into the mixture of sweet potato, leeks and sweetcorn.
For 6 people we used 6 small/medium sweet potatoes and 3 leeks.
Depending on how you like your pies (we like ours encased in pastry) a roll of pastry was used on the bottom and another on the top. If you just like a pie with a top (is it a even a pie????) then just use the one roll on top.
The original post can be found here.
Enjoy and if you give the recipe ago let us know how you get on 🙂



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