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Baby Blogging: The Nursery!

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This post has been a long time coming! I definitely feel like the nursery is one of those things that I thought I’d have plenty of time for, that 9 months is tons of time, and then all of a sudden it was the end of pregnancy and we were still waiting on a few things! But all done now, just in time.

When we moved into this house 4.5 years ago, we earmarked this room for our future nursery. We didn’t decorate it, in fact it became the ‘junk room’ haha for a few years, because we didn’t want to commit to a theme or colours which we would have to change if we got lucky enough to have a baby. We painted one wall mint, which we figured would work with any nursery colour scheme, and put a sofa in there that folded out to a double bed for the occasion where we needed 2 guest rooms. This meant that when it was FINALLY time to create a nursery, we would have a pretty blank slate!

My very talented Mother in law helped me put up our chevron wallpaper, which is definitely one of my favourite bits of the room – it stands out so well and also really ties the room together! Wallpapering is NOT easy, but we rocked it and are both so proud of the result.

I inherited this giant frame from my last job in London, it used to be gold but we painted it white and are hanging cute mint bunting with baby’s name in it! This is the back of the bunting, excited to turn it around!

This couch converts into a double bed – we are pleased we can still use this room as a second guest bed if need be, and we can sleep in here with baby once she moves to this room if we need to!

We bought our crib when we were only 6 weeks pregnant, which looking back seems risky, but it was on sale! We’ve got tubs of larger clothing underneath it, which we will switch out into her wardrobe as she grows. The crib will convert into a cot bed when she is old enough for one – we like getting furniture that can be used for ages.

We also bought a changing table that attaches to the top – perfect for this small room, so we didn’t feel the need to purchase a standalone changing table!

We loved these gold foil prints from Rain and Paper Prints on Etsy, especially the ‘Dream big, little one’ print, good advice, we think!

Our baby blanket was croched by our good friend Allie, and we are bringing it to hospital!

We looked for ages for a mobile, but couldn’t find one we loved, or that wouldn’t be totally random/off theme in the nursery. So we instead saved some decor from the beautiful baby shower our friends Sara and Sam threw us, went to Hobbycraft to get some wire and a frame, and created our own! We love it and best of all, because it was so cost effective, we can change and update it if and when we want to!

We’ve had these LOVE lights since our honeymoon in California, 2015 – we hand carried them back with us!

All of baby’s current clothes, diapers, etc are in this mint unit, as well as the beautiful book collection we got from our loved ones at our baby shower. It’s so important to us that our little girl loves to read, and I think this collection will definitely help start that!

With the top of the cabinet, we have gone for a travel/exploring theme, as it’s something so close to our hearts. We’ve put some of her scans on the Dream Big board (can’t believe she has gone from that embryo to a fully fledged baby!!), and a piggy bank to help her start her adventure fund (starting early!). Also a unicorn from Sarah’s work, because duh!

Finally, we’ve put in an imagination corner in the room! Our friend Anita cross-stitched this beautiful scene from Alice in Wonderland, and we have put it with our chalkboard wall, so she can draw and create in her room!

So here we are! Next step, put a baby in there!

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