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Baby Blogging: Pregnancy Pics!

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With 5 weeks to official due date I am well and truly in the third trimester, in fact I’m almost through the third trimester. That seems crazy!

I am feeling really pregnant now, a combination of my walk turning into a waddle, my belly becoming large enough to block every doorway and my ability to get up from the couch completely disappearing. That being said I am still feeling good and able to do my London office days – with a little help from Virgin Trains taking my usual 6 hours of travelling down to just under 3.5 (treble the price) but as work are paying I am embracing it for the short term.

It was actually just as I started the third trimester that I had the idea for this post. For some unknown reason I Googled ‘Third Trimester’ images, I think what I was expecting was to see image of how big our baby girl would be at the start of the third trimester, what I got was a little different….. (try the Google search if you get the chance)
These are the images I relate to most at this point!

Turns out the third trimester is more about the discomfort / inconvenience and drama experienced by baby mama’s rather than the baby. I guess that may be down to the fact that at this stage it’s kind obvious how big the baby is, or it’s more obvious. I mean here’s my journey so far:
It certainly looks like I have eaten well these past few weeks 🙂

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