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Baby Blogging: Weeks 29 – 33!

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In writing this I can’t believe we only have 7 weeks until due date…..7 weeks. Ever since the countdown hit single digits the reality of us having a baby has seemed crazily close.

As mentioned in our last Baby Blogging post week week 29 started with an Antenatel class, we had selected an all day option at Birmingham Women’s Hospital. Turning up at 9.30am on a Saturday was not ideal (although we appreciate early mornings are a thing of our future) but we quickly found the education room and met the tutor who instantly put us at ease.

The session was informative, factual and insightful in a away that left us feeling like we understood what to expect without terrifying us. We got to see the various places you give birth in Birmingham Womens’, the birthing suite has rooms that have birthing pools (and is our top choice), you then have the delivery suite if the birth isn’t straightforward and then various other spaces based on whether you are induced, have a c-section or need additional care. It was an impressive set up.

The session ended at 3.30pm and after taking some time to reflect in the sunshine we headed home. We had been impressive that throughout she has only referred to ‘birthing partner’ and not ‘father/Dad’ – it was all very inclusive, although Laura was the only girl in her group when we were split into ‘those giving birth’ and ‘birthing partners’.

One of the questions we were asked really struck us though: At what point do you think you will feel like parents? It’s so strange as I guess you become parents the moment you get a positive result but at this point I don’t feel like a parent, I just feel like I have a responsibility to keep our baby girl safe and healthy. It’s a good question though!

On arrival home my Mum and Sister had arrived as we booked in a scan at Peek-a-baby so they could see our girl. It was a nice reward for my Mum who has been so helpful decorating the nursery with Laura and making sure we are well taken care off. My Mum had also kindly looked after Bisbee so we could relax and pay attention at the class.
Even before baby girl is here the support network she has around her has been fully mobilised. My sister is taking her aunt role seriously and my Mum and Dad have been in project mode getting their new house ‘ready’ so they can relax and focus on helping us. It’s been so lovely.

Anyway back to the scan. We turned up and managed a few photos before being whisked into the scan room. Once I was in position they turned on the big screen so everyone could see and in no time at all there was our baby girl dancing on the screen. She was in such a great position that they said they could capture a few 4D images. We were so surprised as she has normally made sure her face is covered or she’s been moving too much. In addition we thought all 4D scans kinda looked the same, that was until we saw her face. We had to eat our words, this was a face we had never seen before, this was our daughter. We cried, we all cried.

We stayed in our happy family bubble for the rest of the weekend, which included taking my Mum and sister to Ghetto Golf before they headed home.

Work on Monday had as back in reality, it started with a blood test at the midwife clinic – all was good – and then the week stepped up as I had interviews to do for my maternity cover and a new member of my team. Thankfully an existing team member had recommended a colleague from a previous role for my job and on meeting her she was a a great fit. It meant a late night train back from London but I was so relieved to have my role covered. The team member role proved a little more difficult with the first candidate being a no-show.

On Thursday we had our breast-feeding class that was a disappointment after the antenatal class. The room was packed so there was very little space for practical exercises and the class tutor was insistent that breast was best and dismissed questions about bottle feeding. We weren’t impressed. While we hope to breastfeed we know that it doesn’t always happen and wanted to be sure of other options. Thankfully I have been able to organise another class via my Birthfit group.

We were relived to get to the weekend and did not a lot to celebrate. We had printed off lists to start prepping the hospital bag but didn’t get too far. We did make a trip to Kinver Edge though as we wanted to make the most of our National Trust membership before we give it up a part of our cost cutting measures. It was great to get fresh air, stretch our legs and visit somewhere new. I am also making the most of still being able to walk miles pretty easily.

When work arrived on Monday I felt determined that this would be the week I would find my new team member so I could shift my focus from recruitment to prepping handovers and downloading all the stuff flying around in my brain and start to focus on home life a bit more.

Reaching week 30 felt like quite an achievement and other than mild panics about whether the baby was moving enough we seemed to get through it without too much drama. I am starting to notice that I am getting a pain in my right leg at night though, which on Goggling (I know you shouldn’t but….) we found out it was Merealgia paresthetical:
‘A condition characterized by tingling, numbness and burning pain in the outer part of your thigh. The condition is caused by compression of the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve, which supplies sensation to your upper leg.

The worst thing is there is nothing that can be done about it. What it does mean is I spend a lot of the night tossing and turning as too long on my left side causes pins and needles yet leaning on my right size makes it feel like my leg is on fire. It eases up through the day but it does mean I am feeling more tired. I am trying not to complain as it really has been the only negative symptom.

The other strange thing is my weight is still fluctuating. It’s the only time I have looked at the scales and been disappointed to lose weight. I am still within the safe range but it does cause panic.

I have mentioned before about panic being a familiar theme, a trip to the midwife didn’t help either. My regular midwife was on holiday so I measured by a new midwife and her measurements showed no growth in two weeks. I was promptly sent to the hospital for a scan. At that appointment they measured different parts of baby girl and concluded the reason the midwife didn’t track growth was because baby girl has turned herself breech! The reason made us feel better but now we just have to hope she turns again in time for delivery.

We head back at the end of this week for a follow up scan so they can measure the same parts – we have everything crossed that there are no problems.

After recovering from the roller-coaster of emotions of the week, that also included finding my new team member we rolled into the bank holiday weekend and week 31 ready to relax.

We spent Sunday of the bank holiday meeting a friends puppy, catching up and walking in the Oxford countryside, a perfect way to enjoy the sunny weather.
The work week flew by and ended up with us taking a trip to Bicester Village (post coming soon) to spend some vouchers I won a couple of years go. We had left Bisbee with my Mum and headed over for the day. The time spent together was my personal highlight and I was super glad that they had so many bathrooms! At the this stage in pregnancy it’s the simple things 🙂

Week 32 included a long day in London and a lot of planning for my maternity cover, but it did mean hanging out in the city in the sunshine and that is always a good thing. It also highlighted how big I have got as people now can’t pass me in train aisles or fit through doorways with me!

On Thursday evening I had another trip to ghetto Golf, this time with my netball team, and the photos that came out of that night show just how big I currently am…I think I’ll stick to Laura’s planed pics as at least then I can convince myself they are flattering.

Excuse me while I carry this basketball around

Leading into the weekend I was slightly concerned how I would handle our tourist trip to London we had planned as the heat definitely slows me down. The point I forgot was that when I head to London at weekend I have Laura with me and therefore things are different. She takes care off me, makes sure I have enough snacks, water and my current walking pace is much more her speed!

The trip was a re-do of a weekend that had been snowed off earlier in the year when we were meant to see ‘Everyone’s talking about Jamie‘ with our wonderful friends Sam and Sara. What had worked out in our favour was that the Royal wedding also just happened to be on the same day this time. We arrived in London for 11ish, got a tube straight to Leicester Square, watched the wedding on a large screen at St James Market (while sat on the floor – not particularly ideal) bathed in sunshine and surrounded by people in the party spirit. After the ceremony finished we headed to Shake Shack for lunch, doughnut time for snacks and then to the show. The show was brilliant and well worth seeing! From there we pit-stopped at Chipotle to pick up dinner for the train. We were heading back to Birmingham by 7pm and I have to say my worry was for nothing. I had barely walked 3 miles and everything had worked out perfectly.

If someone had told me at 33 weeks pregnant I would still be doing trips to London for pleasure I wouldn’t have believed them. I am still in shock that my ankles aren’t swelling, varicose veins aren’t appearing and in general my fitness levels haven’t changed. Although stairs are still a challenge and I am definitely slower getting places. Oh and getting of the couch is noisy affair that requires Laura almost sling-shotting me.

Oh and the hospital bag is almost complete, my Mum has helpfully washed all the clothes so we can start to pack them – there is something about the way she washes things that has them smelling amazing and feeling way softer then when we do it. It’s on the list of ‘Mum’ things we’ll need to practise.

I think Birthfit is helping keep me fit and making sure I walk Bisbee at least a mile or two a day, I also need to thank Laura for her wonderful cooking skills making sure that baby girl and I get a healthy diet – in balance to the doughnuts and white chocolate buttons that I seem to keep buying.

According to the baby App our baby girls is the size of a cauliflower….not long now to the watermelon stage! Scary times ahead but each step is a step closer to meeting the little face we stare at so often in the 4D pictures.

Sarah is from Reading, in England, her loves (as well as Laura) include potatoes -a meal simply isn’t a meal without them- cheesy music, musicals, relaxing baths and long country dog walks. Sarah is our main blogger, does most of our Instagram Stories and Twitter, and tends to write any articles we are asked to put together for other sites. Sarah works full time as the head of a team of relationship managers at a company based in London, and she loves playing netball weekly with her team, the Netchix.

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