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Baby Blogging: Boy or Girl?

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Can you believe we are 20 weeks pregnant?! I mean we’re shocked and we’ve been living it. Some how we are halfway through and in 20 weeks we will have a new bundle of joy…..scaring, exciting, overwhelming, dumbfounding and a whole host of other emotions are happening over here.

On Monday we have our 20 week check up and will find out firstly if everything is okay (fingers and everything crossed) and then if it’s a boy or a girl. We honestly have no preference except for a happy, healthy baby but we can’t wait to refer to Tater Tot with a gender. ‘It’ sound so strange.

We thought it would be fun to do all the old wives tales to see if there was any clue, here are the results…..

We are also doing a poll between friends, family and anyone who fancies joining on Instagram. Check out the latest @TheSmithStory

Turns out the split results and responses mean we will be walking in completely clueless……

Drop us a comment if you have a guess!


We are Sarah + Laura, two wives, and now mums, who have been together since March 2009. As we are an international couple, we set up this blog in 2011 originally to share our travel and daily lives with friends and family around the world. Over time it has grown with us through personal highlights such as our coming out stories, documented our wedding planning and big day, our move from London to Birmingham UK, Sarah’s pregnancy and the birth and milestones of our daughter, Annabelle, in July 2018.

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